About Purple Lily

Founded in 2017, Purple Lily Bath Essentials (PLBE) is a privately owned artisan soap company based in Arlington, TX. Purple Lily specializes in all natural head to toe cleansers, intimately "love-crafted" by hand in small batches. PLBE's high-quality skin care products are packed with nutrient rich essential oils and herbs that silken, supplements, and soothes skin. Purple Lily's soap collection is curated with family in mind to satisfy all of your soaping needs.

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​"Once I...saw how effective these kitchen table blends were...
I began nurturing a passion for skin care."  

In the Words of

Shanic Johnson, Owner

I have always enjoyed creating things that I thought would be beneficial to the skin. Coming from a crafty and creative family, it is no surprise that, as a young mother, I would combine ingredients like Petroleum Jelly, Olive Oil, Cocoa Butter and any vegetable oil on hand to create a body butter like moisturizer to treat my children's and my own skin. Our dry skin was caused by a variety of conditions from minor hormonal changes brought on by puberty to extreme Eczema flare ups.

Family and friends would see these creations, use them and ask, "What is this crème?  What did you put in it? Can you make some more?" 

Of course, I would. 

Periodically, for about 10 years, my friends and family would share their skin care struggles with me, I'd suggest remedies, and create homemade formulas from them to use in place of (or interchangeably with) their lotions. 

At that time, I was solely creating concoctions for my loved ones from a place of joy. 

Once I received loads of positive feedback and saw how effective these kitchen table blends were at calming my little one's Eczema flare ups, I began to nurture a passion for skin care.

I decided to educate myself on natural ingredients that benefit skin. As I shared my journey of making better at home products for my family’s skin care, a friend, who was in the early process of creating a soaping business, inspired me to take my skills up a notch and learn more about soaps.

I researched soaping extensively, from A to Z, and conducted at home experiments, consistently tweaking formulas, until I became extremely pleased with my family’s overall skin care. 

After taking a few years to master my soaping craft, perfect my formulas, and establish my business,

I am overjoyed to offer a line of soaps that I believe are great for every day (as well as luxury) use.

Named after my late mother's favorite flower, Purple Lily Bath Essentials is more than a soaping company. For me, PLBE is a journey of growth and self discovery that pours into me twice as much as I pour into it! 

I welcome you to join me on this journey to develop the best products and practices for daily cleansing routines and all around self care.